6 Reasons your roof needs replacing in Orland, CA and surrounding areas

Roofs. They’re probably the last thing we think about but one of the most important things to us. Think about it. A roof over our head is one of those things that is kind of essential.  Funny thing is, people don’t do regular maintenance on it nearly as often as they should.  They hardly even know when it’s time for repairs. Well, we’re here to help you out with 6 reasons why you might want to consider replacing your roof.

1. Your roof is buckling

There are several reasons for this, most commonly from underlayment not being laid correctly, shingles being applied over old ones and the roof deck being installed improperly. If your roof is starting to buckle over you can bet it’s probably time to consider a new roof.

2. There is major leaking

This seems like an obvious one right? You’d be surprised by how many times people see leaking and ignore the signs that they need a new roof. Patching a leak is a temporary fix, not a solution. Leaking can typically be a sign that a roofs flashing or shingles are not functioning properly. This is a good time to get this looked at and if necessary, just replace the flashing and shingles.

3. Visible damages have occurred

 Usually one of the easier ways to identify if a roof needs to be replaced is checking the roof for visible damages. Storms and heavy winds can cause excessive damage to your roof, often causing leaks and even holes in your roof from fallen trees and branches.

4. Blistering shingles and peeling paint

Both blistering shingles and paint peeling are often caused by inadequate ventilations and high temperatures & humidity. Without replacement, the roof cannot withstand mother nature for very long.

5. There are missing granules

To extend the life of the roof, asphalt shingles are usually covered in granules. When there starts to become an excessive amount of missing granules it means that your roof is nearing it’s expiration date.

6. Higher than normal energy bills.

Cracks, leaks and other physical damage to your roof can cause your energy bills to increase higher than normal. When a roof is not doing it’s job properly hot and cold air can filter in to your home/building and cause your AC and header to work harder, costing you more money.

These are just a few of our reasons why your roof needs replacing! If you need someone to come out and take a look at your roof and see what you’ve got going on, we’d be more than happy to help you.

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