How to Keep Raccoons off Your Roof in Orland, CA

Owning a home comes with responsibilities. One of them involves keeping wildlife off your roof. Raccoons have a tendency to climb on houses, and it can be difficult to get rid of them. Why would they choose to wander around on your roof in the first place? They may be looking for food, or they could be seeking shelter. Don’t let them settle and cause damage. You can fight back, and you can do it without destroying your budget.


Trim Branches and Remove Other Obvious Climbing Materials

You don’t want to make it easy for your furry friends to get on the roof. Inspect any trees nearby and trim the branches. Try to stop branches from connecting to the roof – a raccoon may use these branches to gain access to your home. Additionally, don’t leave potential climbing materials next to the house. For example, after you finish painting the outside of your house, move the ladder away. Even during cold weather, don’t let your guard down.

Remove Debris and Check the Attic

Leaving debris on your roof is like leaving a welcoming mat out for pests. Raccoons like to use leaves and other items as shelter. Throw everything away and check your roof for holes, cracks, dents, and other problems. Call a roofing company to handle repairs. If you believe the raccoons may have access to your attic, check as soon as possible. Don’t be sloppy about it – make sure you do a thorough search for entry points or signs of damage. If you do have raccoons coming in and out of your attic, contact a pest control company. Never attempt to pick up raccoons and remove them yourself. Raccoons can be dangerous, and you shouldn’t put your safety at risk.

Owning a home implies dealing with a roof and all the trouble that comes with it. Some people only pay attention to their roof when it starts to leak, or the time comes to display holiday decorations. But pests such as raccoons can get on your roof and raise havoc if you aren’t careful. Pay attention to your roof and do what you can to discourage nesting. Clean your roof and inspect it frequently. When you do this, you can maintain a secure environment.

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