Metal Roof Myths Busted in Orland, CA

It used to be that metal roofs where a thing reserved for commercial properties but reality is that these days metal roofing is far more common than one might think.  Metal roofing has gone through the roof over the years from contractors to home and business owners. We thought it would be fun to start knocking out a few of the myths about metal roofing that we get from our residential and commercial clients on a regular basis.

Nor-Cal Roofing - wood roof struck by lightning in Nor-Cal

Myth: If you have a metal roof, it will increase the chance of your house getting struck by lightning.

Truth: We understand how people might be confused by this one and tend to believe it because metal can conduct electricity; electricity is not necessarily drawn to it.  In fact, most people don’t realize that metal roofs are non-combustible making them safer than some other types of roofs like wood for example.

Metal Roof myth: Metal Roofing does not cause more noise during rain or hail storm

Myth: Metal roofs are twice as noisy during severe weather storms (i.e. hail or rain) than a roof with shingles or tile.

Truth: A metal roof will not make any more noise than a roof with tile shingles. There are a few reasons for this the first one being that a metal roof is typically installed over an existing roof. The other reasons are that typically when you install a roof, whether it’s a metal roof or tiles, you will also have attic space and insulation to help drown out the noise.

Metal roof myth in orland: Metal Roofs are more vulnerable to hail damage

Myth:  Metal roofs are more vulnerable to hail damage.

Truth:  Sure, it’s true. No extreme hail or storm could be good for a metal roof as extreme weather can cause a dent, normal-size hail will not be causing any damage to your metal roof. With textured metal roofs, minor denting is even less visible then before.

Metal Roof in Orland Myth: Metal Roofs are colder during winter

Myth: Metal roofs get brrrrrrrr freezing cold when it’s winter time.

Truth: The reality of it is, whatever kind of roof you have done, you should have insulation between your roof and your home, therefore, a metal roof should have no effect on the temperature of your home.

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